Sometimes It Looks Worse Than It Is

Not much is worse as a homeowner than that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you push your garage door button, garage door remote or garage door keypad and your garage door closes at an angle. Thinking the worse you say “Great! It’s broken. I do not have a new garage door in the budget right now. What am I going to do?” Let us assure you that sometimes, it really does look worse than it is.

Garage Doors have many moving parts that can break. One of those parts are your garage door cables. When a cable snaps, your garage door is no longer balanced causing the door to close skewed. And we agree, it looks gnarly! The good news is that this is completely repairable, and a new garage door is not necessary! This type of repair is very common, and it is not an expensive fix! Give Baldwin Garage Doors and Gates a call and we will have your garage door balanced and working properly in no time!