The Benefits of Garage Door Weather Seal

Your garage doors are the largest entry point of your home so if they are not sealed properly, you are risking exposure to the elements and you are inviting unwanted pests and insects inside. All garage doors come with bottom weather seal at the time of installation, but like all things, over time, the seal starts to break down and no longer does the job it was designed to do. The easiest way to prevent weather damage, unwanted pests and debris from coming into your garage is to make sure you have properly installed weather seal.

Here in Central Iowa, we get hit with extreme weather, from heat to wind, rain and of course snow and we do not want any of that in our garages. Even with a minor rainstorm or quickly melting snow, water can seep under your garage door and puddle in places you do not want. Anything standing in its way is sure to get soaked and maybe even ruined. The powerful wind gusts we get can also blow all sorts of unwanted dust and debris into your garage. Properly installed weather seal helps to keeps the elements out and helps to protect not only your garage door, but everything you store in there as well.

Are you noticing insects or rodents in your garage? Your weather seal may be to blame. Those little critters can squeeze through the smallest imperfections in your seal and enter your garage uninvited. By sealing your garage door, you are preventing these unwanted pests from entering your home.

Weather seal can also help to protect your garage door from sudden damage. If your garage door falls and slams shut, the weather seal creates a cushion barrier between the door and the hard concrete floor.

Here are some warning signs to look for when determining if it is time to replace your weather seal:

  • Visible distortions in the seal, such as color changes or cracks
  • The seal no longer bounces back and there is a gap between the garage door and the floor
  • Water is entering your closed garage
  • Leaves and debris are entering your closed garage
  • Pieces of weather seal break off when touched

If you are noticing any of the warning signs above, give Baldwin Garage Doors and Gates a call at (515) 650-7833. We will come out and make sure your home is protected for years to come!

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