Don’t Know Who To Call?

Have a garage door that needs repaired? Not sure who to call? Baldwin Garage Door and Gates is your go to company! We have over 25 years’ experience and can fix any garage door, motor or gate and do so in a high quality and professional manner. We will not use scare tactics or try to upsell you in the process either. We offer same day appointments and are available 24/7 for emergency service. Call (515) 650-7833 today to schedule an appointment or free estimate.

Winter is Right Around the Corner. Is Your Garage Door Ready?

It is hard to believe but winter is right around the corner and with that brings the cold and snow. Is your garage ready? Here are some tips.

Annual Tune Ups are an important preventive maintenance that should be done every year. What better time than before the cold sets in. During your appointment, we will tighten all screws, nuts, and bolts, reset the limits on your motor, inspect and oil all moving parts and check all safety functions. We can fix any minor issues before they become a bigger and more expensive problem down the road.

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We Are Your One Stop Shop!

We are your One Stop Shop when it comes to new garage doors, new motor installations and repairs. We do it all. There is no need to make multiple appointments with different contractors and wait days for your project to be completed. Our technicians at Baldwin Garage Doors and Gates have the skills to finish your project from start to finish in one day. We also offer same day appointments for new motor installations and repairs at no extra cost. Give us a call today at (515) 650-7833.

We Service and Repair Commercial Gates and Operators

If you have a commercial gate and operator, finding a licensed and insured contractor to service and repair them can be difficult to find. Not every garage door company has the knowledge and skills to properly work on your equipment. From the simple repair, to the more complex, Baldwin Garage Doors and Gates is the company you want to call. We have over 25 years of experience and can work on all gates and operator models.

We also offer regular preventative maintenance packages, from annual to quarterly, to ensure that your equipment is working properly and find any issues before they become a major repair or replacement. These packages include inspections of all moving parts of your gate and operator, tune ups annually or as needed, entry and exit system inspections, verifying that all safety features are operating as designed and part replacement as needed.

Give us a call at (515) 650-7833 to schedule your commercial gate and operator appointment or free estimate today!

We Think Outside the Box!

Have you been told that the garage door repair you are looking for is impossible and the only option is to replace what you have? At Baldwin Garage Doors and Gates, we think outside of the box and can repair most issues with your garage door or motor. We have years of experience and take on the hardest projects leaving our customers happy. If we cannot repair the issue, we can give you affordable options on replacing your garage door or motor. Give us a call today at (515) 650-7833 and let us give you what other companies cannot.

Sometimes It Looks Worse Than It Is

Not much is worse as a homeowner than that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you push your garage door button, garage door remote or garage door keypad and your garage door closes at an angle. Thinking the worse you say “Great! It’s broken. I do not have a new garage door in the budget right now. What am I going to do?” Let us assure you that sometimes, it really does look worse than it is.

Garage Doors have many moving parts that can break. One of those parts are your garage door cables. When a cable snaps, your garage door is no longer balanced causing the door to close skewed. And we agree, it looks gnarly! The good news is that this is completely repairable, and a new garage door is not necessary! This type of repair is very common, and it is not an expensive fix! Give Baldwin Garage Doors and Gates a call and we will have your garage door balanced and working properly in no time!

Your Garage Door Won’t Open. Now What?

You hit the wall button or your remote control and your garage door won’t open. Now what? You check the emergency release on the motor and it is engaged. You check to make sure you have power to your garage door opener and there’s no issue there. So why is the garage door not opening?

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