Locked Out of Your Garage? We Got You!

If you have ever been locked out of your garage, you understand the urgency of needing to get the problem solved quickly. We got you! And the best part is we will not have to break a window or drill into your building to gain access either. The simple solution is an emergency release system that can be installed same day so the problem does not happen again!

So, what exactly is an emergency release system you ask? It is a lock that is installed on the outside of your garage door that connects to the emergency release rope located on your garage door motor. You simply put the key in, turn and your motor’s emergency release rope is pulled giving you the ability to open your garage door by hand. Brilliant, isn’t it?!! This system is ideal for detached garages that have no other access than the garage door itself. Why wait until you are locked out? Give Baldwin Garage Doors and Gates a call today at (515) 650-7833 and we will install this time saver, so you never have to worry about getting locked out of your garage again!