Extreme Cold and Your Garage Door

Like a lot of us here in Central Iowa, garage doors do not like the extreme, cold weather either. Many problems can arise but not all require a professional to fix! Sometimes, when your garage door will not close after hitting the wall console or remote control, the issue is an easy fix the homeowner can do themselves! Ice and snow can build up on the floor where your garage door sits in the closed position, blocking the safety beams and causing your garage door to not close. If this happens to you, scrape and remove any ice and snow build up from around your garage door. You also want to check and make sure any debris, like leaves or spider webs, are cleared away from your safety beams. Many times, this solves the problem, and your garage door will close with no further assistance needed.

If you are still having trouble closing your garage door, it may be time to call in a professional, like Baldwin Garage Doors and Gates. We offer same day appointments that fit your schedule at no extra charge. Give us a call or text at (515) 650-7833 to schedule an appointment or free estimate. We will have your garage door working smoothly again in no time!