7 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Garage Door Weather Seal

All garage doors come with bottom weather seal at the time of installation, but like all things, over time, the seal starts to break down and no longer does the job it was designed to do.

Here are the 7 signs to look for when determining when it is time to replace your weather seal:

  1. Your garage feels colder than usual
  2. You notice visible distortions in the seal, such as color change or cracks
  3. The seal no longer bounces back and there is a gap between the garage door and the floor
  4. Pieces of weather seal break off when touched
  5. Water is entering your closed garage door
  6. Leaves and debris are entering your closed garage door
  7. You notice a gap at the bottom corners of your seal

If you are seeing any of these signs, give us a call today at (515) 650-7833 to schedule a free estimate or appointment to replace your weather seal.